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What is this “Craw and Norris” anyway?

Craw & Norris is a webcomic written (mostly) by John McCurley and illustrated (mostly) by Moira Flanagan. It updates every Thursday! The comic is the product of something called “The Squiggle [sic] Game”.

Said game is a ball. In order to play, simply draw a curve on a piece of paper without lifting your pen or pencil. Once finished, pass it to your friend. S/he/it must then incorporate the curve into a face of some kind. It’s so simple and fun!

Anyway, during a particularly intense session of this game, John drew Craw and Moira drew Norris. It was a vague sense of compatibility at first sight.

(If you think Craw looks strange, you should have seen the size of Norris 1.0’s breasts.)


And who are they?

John McCurley is a young man who lives in Bloomington, IN. He plays old time fiddle and jogs in the park.

Moira Flanagan is a young woman who lives in Chicago. She is working on a PhD in biophysics at a snooty snoot university.

They met at a camp called “Pinewoods” in Plymouth, MA.


Are there any disclaimers I should be aware of?

There are a few disclaimers!

The narrative style of Craw & Norris, herein “The Comic”, is liable to change drastically without prior written consent of The Readership. The Comic may, e.g., take the form of a “single” or “one-shot” without warning, even in the midst of an otherwise cohesive storyline.

Also, John might try his hand at drawing a The Comic installment from time-to-time. It will be obvious inasmuch as it will be puzzling.

Similarly, Moira may do a comic entirely by herself. It may bear thematic similarities to her own semi-autobiographical comic Moira Flanagan including: pretty ladies, waking up late, coffee retrospectives and grad school.

By reading The Comic, you implicitly embrace any other anomalalia that may emerge on account of Moira’s being crazy busy and John’s rousting around aimlessly.


And are they…?

You know there’s something going on there.